By the way, I had a nice surprise this morning at hui hui.
I have secretly been a fan of their clothing line, so I'm very flattered.



1. Ingegerd Torhamn, 1930
2. Karna Asker 1928
both: heavy, knotted short-pile carpets

Agneta Flock stuffed velvet forms to produce liana and jungles
in saturated and heavy colours towards the end of the sixties.
She also worked at that time with reclining and 'growing' forms in a lesser
format that formed part of organic plant shapes. The jungles seemed to divide the
room as they were hung from the ceiling.


Playful and unconventional textile art & sculpture
1. Lizzie Olsson-arle, 1974, Appliqué
2. Aganeta Goes, 1974, Appliqué
3. Marie Louise de Geerbergenstrahle. Fish balls in lobster sauce, 1968, appliqué with stuffing
4. Margareta Hallek, Varied Wrinkles, 1968, Variable seam-embroidery with elastic
5. Inga Brand, 1975, Woven forms
All from Svensk textilkonst

So often people are working hard at the wrong thing.
Working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard.
working hard is overrated


Funny faces and creatures very well composed,
found in 'Ancient Peruvian textile design in modern stitchery'



Promise this is the last time you'll be seeing these here.
I'm beginning to enjoy expressing my ideas in 3D lately.
In case you are curious to see a bit more,
head over my other work-in-progress blog.

which project has given you the most satisfaction?
every project has its own satisfaction, and reflection.
and we need both to move to the next step.
interview from sanaa