Playful and unconventional textile art & sculpture
1. Lizzie Olsson-arle, 1974, Appliqué
2. Aganeta Goes, 1974, Appliqué
3. Marie Louise de Geerbergenstrahle. Fish balls in lobster sauce, 1968, appliqué with stuffing
4. Margareta Hallek, Varied Wrinkles, 1968, Variable seam-embroidery with elastic
5. Inga Brand, 1975, Woven forms
All from Svensk textilkonst

So often people are working hard at the wrong thing.
Working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard.
working hard is overrated


Fine Little Day said...

Great great!

marie said...

i like that quote -- i think i work hard on stupid things all the time. but sometimes i don't realise what i'm doing is stupid until i'm half way through. then to stop seems like a waste. but it's ok to abandon things.. expectations are dangerous!

tifanie said...

beautiful. *

e said...

great swedish stuff, allrite? ;) hey, hope that you're feeling better too, i slept all day long yesterday, had soooo boring, but now i am actually allrite. woooh! take care now...!!