New zine

My new zine 'Iceland' is now available online. 16 pages of drawings/sketches based on my trip to Iceland last summer 2011.
 If you are interested, go there for more details.


Old Inhabited house


We paid a visit to this extremely special place. This house is inhabited for many years and
has an amazing view of the little village. The house itself was fascinating, filled with intriguing objects.
My heart was beating fast while I was there, the house gave me chills!

Aveyron 2

Polar bear and cinderella shoes
Violaine Laveaux's work exhibited at musée des arts et metiers traditionnels Salles-la-source


Photos from my last two weeks in the Aveyron region, the south west of France. So happy to discover this calm & beautiful part of this country, full of good food and lovely people.


Wilder Mann

Today at a bookshop, I spotted this wonderful book called Wilder Mann by Charles Fréger. His beautiful
photography reveals a little known tradition, a ritual practiced in winter throughout Europe; men disguised as wild animals.
 See more images from the book here.


Hi again


I have abandoned this place for so long.
It's already summer again.
I'm not sure if I'll keep up as I tend to get bored quite easily but
at least it's a nice way to encourage myself to take photos on a more regular basis.
I was having a summer BBQ last sunday in the balcony and there was this white cat sleeping all day in the garden.


It's been a while.
From now on, I'll be here more often.