New zine

My new zine 'Iceland' is now available online. 16 pages of drawings/sketches based on my trip to Iceland last summer 2011.
 If you are interested, go there for more details.


naa said...

oh very nice! congrats!

yu yasutake said...

Thanks naa!

Delphine said...

it's nice! :)

mieke willems said...

good that you wrote a comment! didn't check here for a while! just ordered it, looks very nice, and so do your posts under this one! will be back!

karin said...

super. fantastic work.

Ritva said...

your zine arrived today!
it´s super :)
i especially admire your watercolours

so, i will have to have iceland too :)

marble pillars said...

Hi Yu, I would like to see each page of this Iceland collection. Is it still available? xo
~ Herman Swan

Sigurborg Johannsdottir said...

Like your blog
greetings from Iceland ;O)

red-handed said...

Really very sweet.

Solamenterocio said...

Love it! I've just shared in my fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/LaImportanciaDelCaribou

mélanie said...

your zine seems beautiful...but sold out....dommage.

Christian said...

its sold out :/

christian | my blog :
greetings from hong kong

Alberte said...

No more posts on this blog ?
Pity !
We would like to see you again....
Thank you and thank you

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