I'm so behind but here are some more snapshots of Kyoto from last winter.
Soon, I'll be able to show some new things I've been working on.
I met up with lili last week. Most days I get so caught up in a daily routine,
I forgot how refreshing it is to meet new people once in a while!

Throw me a dream please, it's been a dreamless sleep
for such a long time

A song to wake up and to go to sleep
Seabear- I sing I swim

Good night.


Things I brought from Kyoto

Last winter
Found them at the fleamarket.
I had a hard time choosing colours of the zippers.
They were so cheap and such exquisite colours.. possibly hand-dyed?
Now I need to find some fabrics for some dresses and skirts!


I bought the first strawberries of this year.
I cleared out my wardrobe and added two dresses I recently purchased.
Suddenly I feel like dressing up and going for a walk.
I even feel like carrying my camera around with me, which is a positive sign.
The magic of spring!

Listening to Andrew Bird, I'm feeling quite relaxed.



The universe so full of happy spirit and spontaneity..
Haven't been so excited by fashion until recently, I discovered this.