p.s. Keibunsha is the most beautiful bookshop I've ever been.
It's got a small gallery and sells hand crafted items and some stationery as well.
(last two photos are inside the bookshop)


o l y said...

Keibunsha is my favorite bookstore in the whole world !!!!!!! i wanna go there again !

happy happy new year, dear yasu

gini said...

great photos!!!!
i'll be in paris next week hope to see u soon!! happy new yea r!!!!
gini famili

at swim-two-birds said...

seems you're aving great time i Kyoto!!
that bookshop looks really beautiful!
happy new year:)

Meg said...

Great photos!!

karin said...

HAppy New Year to you too.That's anice collection of photos.

mizu designs said...

I remember Keibunsha! And yes it's true - so beautiful. It was not far from where I lived. I knew some artists who had exhibitions in their lovely gallery at the back of the bookshop.

I love all of your pics from Kyoto. Makes me homesick for my 2nd home.