//Reading Akira Minagawa's book

Just a little note:
There is an exhibition of Mina perhonen
starting from 24/october in Tilburg, Holland.
A must see if you are around.
More info in English translated version here


mieke willems said...

beautiful things!!! the balloons are so bright! would love to have that book, only the cover looks already more than perfect!

Hanna Päivikki said...

love these pictures. something very beautiful and good about these. and this book would be interesting to read! have a nice sunday.

marie said...

love the paper! wish i could go to the expo.. and have that book :)

Caterine said...

thank you for the tip! i have been longing for a Minagawa's book for a while... Maybe I will find something in Tilburg. Crossing my finger to go there and see all these beauties in real life.

yu yasutake said...

m&v, hanna, marie:
i got these balloons and origimi from mina perhonen when i helped them for the fashion week:)they are sweet.
me too crossing my fingers to get to see it. it sounds too good to miss!

Make it Easy said...

ooh wow so cute. paper balloons :-)

trui chielens said...

very nice cover!

ii-ne-kore said...

wonderful, wonderful pictures, i love all of your posts!

momo said...

that is one of my favorite book.
Lovely papers..

o l y said...

i have the mina book as well :)

i adore his works so much

happy sunday !