Before I forget

Nice things spotted on the internet lately
1.Justin Waldron via make it easy
2. Photo by siepfabriek
3. Mina perhonen usabag
*photo from kuu kukka
I've been lucky enough to be able to help mina perhonen a bit
a couple of times during the fashion week here.
I've got to say that their creations are even more beautiful in real life.
Ah I'm overjoyed every time I see their delicate
and yet playful prints and embroideries..


emma said...

nice trio. i can understand that you're lucky.. !
PS: i don't know about what book stores who sell my book...i'm so sorry! keep you eyes open..! ;)

karin said...

Like the picks. Good eye.
You are real lucky to have a view into their workflow. They are great.

at swim-two-birds said...

oh, that lovely pic from siepsfabriek!!!!! i would love to visit IJM-studio in Amsterdam.
nice post :-)

hiki said...

that usabag is so cute!
and how awesome that you've helped mina perhonen clollection in paris!!!!!!!!!

mieke willems said...

OH! you're so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!
love everything in this post!

trui chielens said...

ohoh, indeed lucky you! didn't know anything about mina perhonen but it all looks lovely!

Hanna Päivikki said...

so great that you've had a chance to help them! one of my favourites.

have a nice week!

marie said...

oh im jealous! love all the things in this post :) have fun x

ii-ne-kore said...

lovely, lovely:)
amazing, to work with mina perhonen for fashion week!!!!!

famapa said...

lovely post! I lost you for a bit, I didn't remember to change your feed in my reader, but I'm glad I found you again! you lucky girl, minä perhonen is my closet heaven :0)

Anonymous said...

those trees are so cool - i'm going to save that image.
mina perhonen = LOVE. you are so lucky. i own exactly one piece from perhonen and i treasure it.