it's been so quiet here..
From now on, some of my recent work can be seen here.
Better layout, simple navigation.
I'll be adding more images in times to come.

Enjoy your summer (or winter)
I'm excited to to go to Sweden in August!


Fine Little Day said...

Oh your portfolio is magic :)
Cargocollective is a great tool. I have that layout too.

Enjoy Sweden! Where are you heading?

marie said...

nice site!

yu yasutake said...

thank you elisabeth and marie.
we'll be staying in stockholm and goteborg. hopefully we'll be able to take a day trip around the areas too!

hannna said...

your portfolio is so beautiful, i will get back to it. i showed it to V too, she looked at every picture. you have to make a book. exhibition? in helsinki. i would so love to see these in real life.

yu yasutake said...

Thank you hanna! I do hope one day to make a book or even have an exhibition in helsinki!