what to eat, to see, where to go..etc
I'll be there next week!


o l y said...

berlin !!!!!!!

this is one of my favorite cafe in berlin
die rebellion des zimtsterns
schlesische strasse 38, 10997, berlin


i wish you a safe and happy berlin trip fulled of fun, dear yasu


Caterine said...

i remember there is good places in sclesische strasse. i will send you an email with my good tips but it is in french. i send it to all my friends who go to berlin. ENJOY!

Caterine said...

et sinon des images chez moi http://tartineasoupe.blogspot.com/search/label/berlin

katie said...

Hey Yasu! Berlin is one of the bestest places. One of my greatest friends lives there. Im gonna ask him to put a comment for you here. He knows some very wonderful places to go.

Enjoy yourself :)

yu yasutake said...

oly, i remember the postcard you made of this cafe! it looks nice! ill make sure to visit. thanks

caterine, je viens de recevoir ton mail. plein de bonnes adresses!merci!

katie, thanks. thats very kind. im excited to be there.

Insel406 said...

You should go to a place where they sell the best organic ice cream you have ever had! You will find it in Simon-Dach-Str. 9

Furthermore you should definitely go to Mauerpark flea market on sunday or to the flea market at Boxhagener Platz on a sunday.

You should try and find a lemonade called Wostok. It tastes well good!

There is a Frida Kahlo exhibition at Martin Gropius Baus in Stresemannstr. 110 and costs 10 Euros.

Also jsut walk through Bermannstr in Kreuzberg. There you will find a lot of nice little stores.

If you wanna have some fun in the night then you can go to the ping pong bar where people play ping pong and drink. It is real underground and lovely. Just one table and so many people smiling.

Maybe I have some more ideas soon.

Hanna Päivikki said...

have a nice time in berlin yu! i miss the kastanie trees and the feeling of the streets and small shops and coffee. and the houses/apartments. and berlinese people speak nice german. but it's a bit too long since i was there, i think i would go to different places if i'd go there now. i'm not much help but i'm sure you'll find interesting things.

coletivo1 said...


Duermevela said...

have a good time!
lot of vintage stores and art to see...
enjoy it!