Oly spoiled me with so many lovely things she made the other day
when I met her on her last day in Paris. I really like the way she wraps gifts.
A sweet generous lady she is.
Thank you dear Oly!


o l y said...

yay ! i'm so happy you like them ! and it was such a nice time having little coffee talks with you ! i'm really glad we finally meet !

and thank you so so so much for your delicious presents ! they save us from being hungry from wondering around from one airport to another for over 24 hours on our day flying back to taipei !

happy tiger chinese new year !


tifanie said...

oh wow. sooo lovely. :::

Make it Easy said...

oh my gosh, such great gifts!
i love that yellow dear print! that would be a awesome shirt

Fine Little Day said...

Oh yes, she's sweet dear Oly :)

ii-ne-kore said...

how beautiful!

we3 collective said...

lovely mixtures of spontaneity and intuition - great blog too! what a happy find!