PAPER LOG HOUSES- Bhuj, India, 2001
(temporary house after the earthquake)
Shigeru Ban is well known in architecture for his
 innovative work with paper&cardboard.
He values the low-cost ecological material because it can be recycled.
These buildings are reminiscent of traditional Japanese 
bamboo structures, but were made of cardboard tubes
with 4millimeter thick walls.

Marloes ten Bhömer's tyvek boots
Bhömer ignores the convetions of traditional shoemaking,
 thus challenging the familiar image of shoes/fashion accessories.
She loves working with unconventional materials.

Stefan Diez- Papier
A series of bags entirely made of synthetic paper (tyvek)
They are ultra lightweight, super strong and water-resistant
 but look like design mock-ups. 
After a long time of usage the bags are fully recyclable
 like ordinary shopping bags.

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